Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Crème Review

An unopened bar of Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Crème.
Photo by Author
A partially opened bar of Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Creme torn down the middle.
Photo by Author


I’m a sucker for colors and Sprinkles ’n’ Creme has lots of them! The wrapper is fun, bright, and features a colorful design that just begs to be purchased from your local supermarket.

A closeup of a bar of Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Creme revealing the Hershey’s Logo inside an ice cream cone.
Photo by Author


There are quite a few layers of flavor to this new bar of chocolate from Hershey’s. The base is clearly white chocolate, but the sprinkles bring out the taste of fruity notes that burst in your mouth as it sends you back to childhood memories of the past. You can almost taste the candle wax that has fallen from a birthday candle onto your slice of cake. It’s that tasty.


The aroma of Sprinkles ’n’ Crème is surprisingly “fruity” with a healthy dose of birthday cake. The smell of white chocolate is as subtle as a sugary cloud. It would be easily missed if I didn’t have the nose of a bloodhound. There’s also a milky quality to the aroma that has hints of a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream. Taken in combination, the notes of the aroma bring to mind the birthday party’s of my childhood. You can almost relive the moment you tasted the birthday cake and ice cream. The aroma really does pack a strong sense of nostalgia, at least for myself.

A vertically placed bar of Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Creme broken along one of diagonal breaking points.
Photo by Author


No surprise here! To touch, this bar has the consistency of a bar of Hershey’s White Chocolate. It left a sticky residue on my fingers, but didn’t melt during the time I was “playing” with it. You might have sticky fingers, but you’re not going to make a complete mess. Something that Hershey’s bars are known for, in my opinion. Other lesser bars of chocolate will leave your fingers in ruin — covered in a chocolatey mess.

Broken pieces of a bar of Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Creme in a pile.
Photo by Author

The Verdict:

There’s a good reason why flavors like birthday cake have found their way into the mainstream of ice cream and now chocolate! The flavor dances within your mind like the sweetest of highs, while you get blasted back in time to remember Johnnie’s totally radical birthday party, complete with Happy Meals and lots of cake and ice cream. Radical, dude!

What are your thoughts?

So, what are your thoughts about Hershey’s Sprinkles ’n’ Crème? Do you love the flavor of birthday cake or vanilla ice cream with sprinkles? What flavor of chocolate bar would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments!



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