Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Crème Review

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An unopened bar of Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Creme.
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Today, we have the sister or brother bar to Hershey’s Sprinkles ‘n' Crème I was previously talking about on the review menu. Hershey’s Strawberries ‘n' Crème is its name and candied strawberries is its flavor game! It’s a bar of strawberry flavored chocolate that closely resembles its sibling in packaging and texture, but has its own set of characteristics that make it unique.

Much like what you find in the characteristics of human beings, Strawberries ‘n' Crème has a similar mixed bag of both positive and negative qualities. So is the universe we live in I suppose!

I don’t know about you, but I think I like it that way. There wouldn’t be anything to taste and talk about if everything aligned with perfection or the completely broken and chaotic. I guess this candy bar from Hershey’s makes for the perfect metaphorical device for the state of the universe. Maybe they should put a warning on this thing?

I can appreciate both its redeeming and “work-in-progress" traits, because while I might not agree with all of them, I know someone out there, someday, will. The only thing I want to know is whether or not they’ll be human or our up-and-coming AI-fused strawberry overlords..?

A partially opened bar of Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Creme revealing the back of the bar.
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Strawberries ‘n' Crème and Sprinkles ‘n' Crème are nearly identical twins in terms of the size, shape, and calories they contain. This bar is 39 grams (~1.38 ounces) and 205 calories, so it’s not incredibly high calorie. The bar size is fairly average with a lightness to it, at least when weighed in the hand.

The wrapper was easily opened from the back by simply slipping the wrapper. It also didn’t make a mess and the bar remained intact.

As for the design on the wrapper, it is presented in a classic way, much like all Hershey’s Chocolate Bars. The edges of the packaging have swirled imagery of a creamy chocolate and strawberry mixture, which is a nice touch.

Because this bar is in the same family as Sprinkles ’n’ Crème, this bar of strawberry flavored chocolate also features ice cream cones and melted ice cream on the label. Similarly, this packaging blends the classic look of Hershey’s Bars with a new and revitalized style that tells the story of what’s hidden inside.

A bar of Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Creme completely exposed showing the Hershey’s logo stamped inside an ice cream cone.
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The flavor of this candy bar from Hershey’s is more artificial strawberries than natural, which seems to at least been the intentional end goal. The chocolate bar is very sweet, which takes away from the creaminess a bit. I would have enjoyed this bar a little more if Hershey’s would have shown a bit more restraint here.

The first notes of the flavor are a light creaminess of white chocolate that quickly get overpowered by the intense sweetness that will likely give you heart palpitations. These notes are followed up by the gritty candy pieces that break open in your mouth to release a less creamy strawberry flavor, that is as artificial as the most uniquely flavored Jolly Ranchers or grandma’s strawberry candies (You know, the ones with the wrapper that looks like strawberries.)


Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Crème has a prominent aroma of artificial candied strawberries. The overall aroma is both tart and sharp, which at the very least, creates a strong hint of artificiality. It truly doesn’t smell anything like natural strawberries. The aroma is similar to a sugar-laden strawberry jam or even a Jolly Rancher. There’s also not much of a creaminess or sweetness to the aroma. The aroma isn’t unpleasant, but it definitely caters to fans of less natural flavors and aromas.

A bar of Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Creme broken in half diagonally down one of the breakpoints.
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To touch, Strawberries ’n’ Crème is smooth and waxy, much like it’s sibling, Sprinkle’s ’n’ Crème. Again, the bar of strawberry flavored white chocolate held up well to the heat of my fingers. You’re not going to make a serious mess with this bar, unless you’re holding a piece of it for a significant amount of time, instead of just eating it.

The texture of the chocolate when eaten is a combination of velvety, smooth chocolate and the grittiness of strawberry candy pieces that almost have a texture of Pop Rocks. Depending on the person, you’ll either find this texture satisfyingly pleasant or more like eating bits of sand with your strawberry chocolate bar.

Pieces of a bar of Hershey’s Strawberries ’n’ Creme in a pile.
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The overall flavor of Hershey’s Strawberries ‘n' Crème is delicious and unique with its combination of creamy white chocolate mixed with crystalline fragments of hard strawberry candy.

Unfortunately, it’s not for me and I prefer Sprinkles ’n’ Crème. The flavor is just too artificial, but I’m more than aware there is an audience for this unique bar of chocolate. Sprinkle’s ’n’ Crème just had a more relatable flavor with its birthday cake theme.

While not for me, if you’re a fan of either strawberry candy, strawberry ice cream, or strawberry flavored white chocolate bars, you should at least give Strawberries ’n’ Crème a try. You won’t be disappointed with its interesting strawberry flavored chocolate and candy pieces!

What are your thoughts?

So, what do you think about mixing creamy white chocolate with fragments of hard strawberry candy? Have you tried this chocolate bar before? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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