Samyang Ramen Gold Review

An unopened cup of Samyang Ramen Gold in a top-down photo.
Photo by Author


Like I said before, there’s nothing “Gold” about a Samyang’s Ramen Gold… There is a severe lack of ingredients that would be unacceptable by modern standards. Oh, wait. These are modern retro noodles… too bad for Samyang. In this cup, you’ll definitely find the noodles and laver, but you’ll have a hard time searching for a couple shreds of carrot and a tiny amount of spring onion. There really is nothing to these noodles! They are super easy to cook though…


Samyang Ramen Gold has that classic ramen aroma that smells strongly of instant noodles and a seafood broth. There’s a lack of spiciness in the aroma, so people that are weak to any level of spiciness will probably be blindsided. The aroma of the seafood is equally as intense as the aroma of MSG. It has those salty and savory notes that your nose picks up on quite quickly. With that being said, this type of aroma is typical of the more classically flavored bowls of instant noodles.


The salty and savory broth contains both ground red pepper and black pepper to add more layers of flavor to the central star of the ramen, the broth. Without this added spiciness from both types of pepper, we would have a seriously boring cup of noodles. Luckily, that’s not the case and the broth is probably the best part about these noodles. These noodles are still relatively mild, but the spice does linger in your mouth, so be prepared for a touch a heat.


There’s a generous helping of noodles in this cup. I was surprised by the quantity, which filled my belly to the rim. There might be a lot of them, but they definitely were far from the best. Once again, these noodles ended up much too soft for more liking. They were pretty soft, almost mushy… They managed to hold up reasonably well and maintain their structure while bathing in the warm broth. However, the end bites were saturated with swollen noodles. The thickness of these noodles is average. The major difference between these noodles that stood out to me was their more classically styled flavor. These noodles aren’t the usual sweet and buttery Samyang noodles you get with new or modern flavors.


Meh. Fine? Just okay… Samyang Ramen Gold is a fine, classically flavored cup of ramen with plenty of noodles to be eaten. Unfortunately, these noodles are almost excruciatingly boring, because of a severe lack of ingredients. Without a truck-full of MSG, these noodles wouldn’t be all that delicious. There’s just nothing substantial to them, other than a generous amount of noodles.



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