Samyang Sogogi Myeon Review

An unopened cup of Samyang Sogogi Myeon
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A mild and beef flavored cup of noodles, Samyang Sogogi Myeon, puts pressure on the competition by incorporating higher quality meats into this ramen. Just as the cute bovine character suggests, this cup of instant noodles features Hanwoo, South Korea’s answer to Japanese / Australian Wagyu.

Hanwoo is actually a specific type of small cow that is native to South Korea, along with a few others. As you can probably guess, the price of this meat tends to run on the expensive side. This reflects the cost of land and the cost of raising such an animal in such a small country. Samyang must have come to some kind of “mega deal” to be able to include this high quality meat into their instant noodles.


Samyang Sogogi Myeon is a mild cup of instant noodles. The heat is mild and the use of salt is scarce. What I really like about this ramen is that it doesn’t have that oily aftertaste. The taste is clean. There are some generous pieces of meat floating in the beef broth that elevate the beefiness. If you’re a fan of beef like me, you’ll enjoy Sogogi Myeon.


This cup of ramen is extremely mild. There is only a slight bit of heat that comes in the aftertaste. It’s a peppery aftertaste that tells me there is just a dash of red pepper in this cup of noodles. I think the addition was made to enhance the flavor. It works.


This cup of instant noodles has, as you would guess, a strong beef soup odor. You can smell all of the same notes of beef that you would get with a bowl of your grandmother’s beef stew.


The texture of the noodles are tender, but still melt in your mouth. I find that these noodles are a bit thinner when compared to other types of ramen, which lowers the overall density of this tasty snack.

Overall Impression:

I don’t find that these noodles offer anything unique to the game of ramen in terms of flavor, but I do like the fact that they include more ingredients that are native to South Korea. These noodles are more of less for everyone because of their mild, beefy flavor, which makes them perfect for a quick snack.

Are you a fan of beef soup / stew? Do you prefer beef, pork, or neither? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in hearing more about instant ramen, check out my on-going series, Noodle Story: An Exploration of Korean Instant Noodles, here on Medium.

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Foodie, Cyclist, Educator… Living the expat life in Busan, South Korea — Check out Burger n' Kimchi on YouTube for a glimpse of South Korean Food!

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Foodie, Cyclist, Educator… Living the expat life in Busan, South Korea — Check out Burger n' Kimchi on YouTube for a glimpse of South Korean Food!

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