Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond Review

An unopened package of Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond.
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I don’t know about you, but I live for the destructive sting of wasabi, especially in combination with my sushi. I want my sushi to hurt. The closer I can edge myself to the point of breaking out into tears is the perfect level of wasabi spiciness. I like my wasabi natural and I like it strong. If you’re a freak like myself, you can probably understand why I was so excited about Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond. Having previously lived in Japan, I’m more than familiar with a wide-gamut of wasabi flavored snacks. It might be a bit generic of me, but I enjoy the classic flavor of Kaki no Tane. I’m hoping was also hoping that Wasabi Almond might become my new all-time favorite wasabi snack. However, I think I’ll stick with my OG wasabi snacks. Done correctly, the earthiness of almonds and a heavy bite of wasabi would have an exceptional snack. Unfortunately, Tom’s Farm dropped the ball with this more dessert-like variation and created almonds that I don’t really care for…

An entire package of Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond being weighed on a scale at 29 grams, while the package should have more.
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Before we talk about the packaging itself, I would like you to take note of the weight of the almonds themselves. This isn’t the first time I’ve been missing a gram of Tom’s Farm Nuts. I started weighing these almonds every time I review because I noticed a large variation in the number of almonds and the weight of the almonds. I can tell you right now, I’m not happy at all about this… I can’t believe such a successful company can’t even spare a single almond to make this package at least 30 grams like mentioned on the packaging itself. Me, angry…

Anyways, let’s take a look at the packaging. There are a wide variety of different size options from Tom’s Farm. This is a slightly large package than what I reviewed yesterday, but it is still easily transportable, making these a great travel snack. This “30 gram” package contained 23 almonds, which like usual are on the small side for almonds. This isn’t really a good thing today, because these almonds also lack a thick candy coating. It’s more of a dusting than anything.

For today with the artwork on the packaging, we have some seriously giant pieces of wasabi. That’s enough wasabi to create some serious pain! The hats on the almond aren’t candy coating today either. They’re wearing goopy hats of squeeze tube wasabi, because real grated wasabi definitely doesn’t look like that. Some of our almond friends also decided to take a siesta next to a swimming pool sized pile of wasabi with one of them relaxing on the edge. I don’t know if one of the almonds died on the bottom right of the image or what, but there’s an almond with a wasabi hat that doesn’t look like he’s of the living. Finally, we have a mountain of almonds sprouting some wasabi plants, just in case they use up all the entire pool of it. The artwork definitely remains clever, but it’s not my favorite of the Tom’s Farm bunch.

A small bowl of Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond.
Photo by Author


These almonds from Tom’s Farm have a dusting of wasabi flavoring rather than the typical thick, dense candy coating of their dessert flavored almonds. The flavor is very, very sweet, which was surprising, almost disturbing. I just didn’t expect such sweetness from a wasabi flavored almond. A more savory flavor paired with the unique spiciness of wasabi would have been better. This sweetened wasabi flavor is initially strong, but fades in the final notes of the flavor, revealing the taste of almonds. I’m glad I’m finally able to taste almonds, but I still wish things were different with these almonds. There’s not much of a kick of wasabi either, which reminds of the problems I found with their Buldalk flavored almonds. Just like the latter, Wasabi Almond is more sweet than anything, which is a darn shame. The wasabi kick is ultra-mild to the point where it is almost non-existent. These almonds are not for true wasabi fans (like myself). They are just okay…


Wasabi Almond strangely almost has zero wasabi smell. The aroma of wasabi is seriously weak and doesn’t even sting my nose or make my eyes tear up with happy wasabi tears. I expected these almonds to give me a powerful dose of wasabi straight to the nose, but only smelled sweetened barbecue sauce? That’s super weird… The dusting of sweetened “wasabi” doesn’t really smell anything like you would expect it to. There’s also no smell of almonds, despite there only being a thin powdered coating of the flavoring. I expected to at least be able to pick up some earthy undertones, but I was wrong.

Three almonds in a closeup from a package of Tom’s Farm Wasabi Almond.
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Toms’ Farm Wasabi Almond is a package of almonds that I thought I would end up loving, but instead I think you should probably skip them. They just aren’t fun! Coming in at a laughable, whopping .005% of wasabi, the wasabi flavoring is much, much too weak. These almonds are too sweet with only a miniscule amount of wasabi flavoring. I would have enjoyed these if they gave my nose a bit more of a sting, but unfortunately, these wasabi almonds fall a bit flat…

Are you a fan of wasabi? What foods do you think are made better with it? Are you a freak like me and enjoy the pain? Let me know in the comments!

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