Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) Itaeweon Chamggae Majemat Review

A blue circle pointing out the Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) Itaeweon Chamggae Majemat packages on a shelf.
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On first bite, you’re hit with the fabled Malatang seasoning that overwhelms your senses with its spicy and earthy flavor profile. The spiciness soon kicks in, which is just enough to provide a bit of euphoria, while being gentle enough for most. The spiciness is well-balanced in these noodles. Towards the end of a bite, the sweetness of the noodles rounds out the flavor a bit and leaves you with a slightly muted spiciness that lingers well after a bite.


Itaeweon Chamggae Majemat smells like it could give you superpowers with its near nuclear meltdown level aroma, coming entirely from Malatang spices / Sichuan peppers and black pepper.


The noodles are definitely spicier than Vongole Flavor, but they still aren’t notably hot either. The spiciness is a bit more pronounced in the flavor due to being a drier style of noodles. Without the liquid absorbing much of the spice, these “bibim-ed” noodles pack a far more concentrated burst of flavor intensity.


Luckily, the noodles are still fantastic in this package of Wicked Ramen. They are chewy and springy with a great tasting flavor. They cut extremely well. Again, these noodles are the best things about this package of instant noodles, which is unfortunate to say the least. This leads me to the negatives…


Son of a mama! Once again, there is a serious lack of ingredients in these noodles from the Wicked Ramen Series.

What are your thoughts?

Do you prefer your instant ramen noodles dry or wet? With or without soup? Have you ever had Chinese Hot Pot or Malatang in a restaurant? What was the experience like? Let me know in the comments!



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