Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) Shinsadong Naengcho-Myeon Flavor Review

A circled package of Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) Shinsadong Naengcho-Myeon Flavor in a box at a store in South Korea.
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This entry in the Wicked Ramen Series has a sweet, slightly tangy flavor that tastes quite like a diluted can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti. The secondary flavors come from a surprisingly strong sesame taste followed by a healthy touch of laver. The tanginess I mentioned comes from the addition of vinegar, made noticeable not only in the ingredients list, but in the -cho part of the name of this particular ramen.


Most people will find this level of spiciness agreeable. These noodles are mild with most of the spiciness coming from red pepper powder. Your mouth will tingle and it certainly does linger. The extra spice only enhances the flavor, which is much needed, because even MSG isn’t getting me excited about eating these noodles…


Shinsadong Naengcho-Myeon Flavor doesn’t have the aroma intensity that the prior offerings had. The aroma is sweet with an encapsulating smell of red pepper. There are also some subdued hints of sesame, although it’s not an incredibly strong player in the flavor. I couldn’t really catch much of the aroma coming from ramen noodles, probably because they were cooked to oblivion and rinsed thoroughly. The aroma of these noodles isn’t all that inviting, so don’t expect to have a furiously growling stomach when you smell this vinegar-flavored concoction.


I wasn’t a fan of the cook on these noodles at all! This creates a serious problem for these instant noodles, because that has been the best part about the prior entries I have tried in the series!


Absolute garbage and a serious waste of money. I would have actually preferred that can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti to these instant noodles.

What are your thoughts?

What have your experiences been with the Wicked Ramen Series? Do you think the additional laver and sesame seeds are enough ingredients for a satisfying bowl of noodles? Let me know in the comments section!



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