Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) Vongole Flavor Review

A photo of four types of ramen noodles offered by Wicked Ramen (Yogoe Ramyeon) with a red circle around the Vongole Flavored Ramen.
Photo by Author


Wicked Ramen Vongole Flavor has an intense flavor of garlic, ramen noodles, and a gentle touch of clams. I really enjoyed the flavor of the creamy, yet slightly runny soup, but that’s about all there is to these noodles! There’s only a short list of ingredients which include: ramen noodles (no surprise here), a tiny bit of red pepper flakes, and what looks to be some chives. Aside from the soup, that’s all you’re getting! These vongole-flavored instant noodles rely heavily on the flavor found inside the powdered soup packet.


These vongole-flavored noodles smell like they came straight from Italy, err… Korea. Korea being one of the countries that uses the most garlic in the world, this doesn’t come as a surprise.


These wicked noodles are actually quite tame for being self-toted beasts. This specific Wicked Ramen definitely didn’t have its origins in hell, but somewhere calm and serene.


This might have been my favorite feature of these particular ramen noodles. Wicked Ramen is using some high quality ramen noodles that have a satisfyingly squishy or gelatinous spring to them. The noodles were about an average thickness that is slightly on the thicker side. They reminded me of Samyang noodles without the sweet and buttery aftertaste. I actually preferred these noodles a bit more to Samyang’s.


I’m absolutely torn on my verdict for these noodles. They have a lot of strengths compared to the competition, but at the same time there’s a lot of room for improvement…

What are your thoughts?

Are noodles alone enough to justify a $1.50+ price tag on instant noodles? Do you like the unique marketing direction Wicked Ramen is taking with their products? Is vongole your favorite flavor of instant noodles? Let me know in the comments, I can’t wait to hear your opinions!



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